We are open!

We have procedures in place for the safe provision of orthodontic care. The safety of our patients, their family and our staff is at the heart of the changes we are making. We would like to share these changes with you in preparation for your next visit, please do watch the following video which explains more.

Practice-Lay out

We are very fortunate that following the extensive redevelopment in 2017, we have four self-contained surgeries. This helps enormously in preventing cross-infection and in maintaining social distancing. We will be able to have a surgery dedicated to the higher-risk aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) alongside the main surgery used for routine adjustments. This will help patient flow and safety. We have invested in air-filtering systems that use HEPA filters to clean the air after any AGPs. 

Social Distancing

Measures will be in place to maintain social distancing where possible:

  • Patients will not be able to enter the practice until the time of their appointment and when the orthodontist is ready to see them.
  • Only the patient will be allowed in the practice (please contact us on 020 8394 2324 if you have any specific reasons why you need to attend with your child) 
  • You must maintain social distancing whilst in the waiting areas.
  • Patients will be taken straight to the surgery when possible.

Cross Infection/Decontamination/PPE

Although we have always maintained the highest standards of cross infection control, we will be taking further measures to combat the additional risks associated with the Corona virus:

  • You will be asked to complete a Covid pre-screening questionnaire either online or someone from the practice will call you to answer some questions. 
  • Upon arrival the patient’s temperature will be taken. Patients with temperatures above 37.8 ̊C will be rescheduled. Please do not take any paracetamol prior to the appointment as this makes the readings inaccurate.
  • Patients will be asked to use hand sanitiser upon entering and when leaving the practice. 
  • The waiting area will not have magazines as these are difficult to disinfect.
  • All staff will wear the PPE appropriate for each procedure and will have been specially trained in their use. We will always wear a mask, a face shield and a disposable gown or apron.
  • All team members will be health screened before their shift 

Diary Management

Changes will need to be made to the structure of our diary and when appointments are made. This is to aid social distancing and to take in to account the increased time required to clean our surgeries and in donning the appropriate PPE. 

  • We are planning to increase the time needed to see each patient in order to reduce any waiting times and the traffic of people in the practice. 
  • We are planning increased opening hours in order to take in to account these increased appointment times. Despite this, it will take many weeks to work through the inevitable back-log of appointments that has built up over the lockdown period so your continued patience is appreciated.
  • Any appointments that can be conducted virtually will continue to be performed virtually to reduce the risk of exposure. 

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding (and many good wishes!) over this lockdown. We totally appreciate the frustration and concern over the cancellation of appointments. Please be assured that we are as keen as anyone to get going again once it is deemed safe to do so. Until then, please continue to stay well!


Richard & Faiza