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You’ll need to wear your retainer every night.

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The benefits of joining our retainer club include:

  • Spread the cost and save money

  • Peace of mind with no sudden large costs to pay

  • An annual retainer check

  • Free repairs to fixed retainers

  • 50% off the cost of replacement retainers

  • 50% off retainer related products

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For only £10 a month.

Terms and conditions:

  • Patients can only join the Retainer Club if their current set of removable retainers are no more than 6 months old and in good condition.
  • The first inclusive retainer check is only available after the first 12 months of Retainer Club membership and every 12 months thereafter. Any additional reviews would be charged at the usual rate.
  • Monthly payments must be maintained to received benefits. Benefits will not be available if a payment is not made.
  • The benefits are only available to the Retainer Club member and are not transferable to others.
  • Removable retainers should only be replaced under the Retainer Club scheme if lost or broken to an extent that they cannot be reasonably worn or are not providing the necessary retention of the teeth. Any retainer showing acceptable wear and tear that still fits and remains functional cannot be replaced under this scheme.
  • Maximum of 2 sets of replacement removable retainers provided at 50% per 12 months. Any additional replacement sets would be at full cost.
  • Maximum of x2 inclusive repairs to bonded retainers per 12 months. Any additional repair would be charged at usual rates.
  • The orthodontist reserves the right to remove a bonded retainer if it is deemed to have a poor long-term prognosis. If a patient refuses to have it removed, then the inclusive repairs would not apply and would be charged at usual rates.