Why choose Ewell Orthodontics?

Ewell Orthodontics is a well established, highly successful orthodontic practice. It was founded in 2000 and Richard Williams and Faiza Lewis became joint partners in 2012.

A little bit about us……

So what’s so special about Richard and Faiza? Why would you come to see them for orthodontic treatment over your local dentist?

Richard and Faiza both qualified as dentists back in the mid 1990’s. After more studying they completed 3 additional years of postgraduate training to become specialists in orthodontics. Yes, that’s all they do, Orthodontics all day every day. Nothing else. This means that they have a vast amount of experience in all aspects of orthodontics. They have both dealt with many cases from the simple ones to the really complex and everything in between. They understand the true meaning of a natural, great smile. They are a safe pair of hands and will give you an honest opinion about what is appropriate to treat and realistic time frames to get your treatment done. They truly are specialists in their field.

They also know that if you have a special event, such as a wedding, and you are short of time to get a result, Richard and Faiza can work with you to make sure you look fabulous on the day.

Richard and Faiza work closely with other specialists in all aspects of dentistry and have accumulated over the years a close network of excellent and experienced implant specialists, periodontists and crown and bridge dentists.

As a private practice Ewell Orthodontics can treat children at any age and use any removable or fixed appliance the patient would like! This gives them complete clinical freedom to treat their patients to the highest standards, just as they were taught in their training regardless of their IOTN and the restrictions set by the NHS.

The practice was totally refurbished in 2017 and is now “best practice” standard. It has four surgeries, disabled access, a dedicated decontamination room and a private consultation room. Two surgeries are used every day treating orthodontic patients and they have a dedicated surgery used by their in-house hygienist who carries out the instant Zoom Whitening and home bleaching as well as the hygiene. The fourth surgery is dedicated to their ITero scanner. Keeping pace with technology, this ITero Element 2 scanner enables them to take a digital image of teeth rather than the traditional impressions (moulds). This will be a relief to many who found these unpleasant! This move to digital helps reduce their carbon footprint, having a positive effect on our environment!

Interest free payment option

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