Our Technology

We make the most of the newest technology at Ewell Orthodontics to ensure our patients enjoy the best of both worlds: on the one hand your treatment is overseen by a specialist with years of training and experience, on the other, the technology gives us – and you – an instant 3D perspective on your treatment from start to finish. The seamless digital communications are underpinned by a courteous helpful service, dedicated to you and your needs.

For instance, our patients have access to a specialist orthodontic mobile phone app. The Dental Monitoring app allows you to make contact with us whenever it suits you and we can reply to you via the app or by email. You do not have make an appointment every time you have a query!

The mobile phone app can keep your appointment times to a minimum. You only need to come and see us for essential appointments but you can always be in touch with us when you need essential information.

Technology for new patients

Busy people interested in orthodontics can enjoy a free initial virtual consultation using the Smilemate app on our website. You upload your photos, a detailed report is generated and then checked by one of our specialists. You get the detailed report with all your options within two days!

This gives you the reassurance that your treatment is in the hands of a specialist who is responsible for your care but without you having to leave your home.

The next step is a face to face appointment when we make digital records of your teeth and your bite. The Itero scanner takes millions of tiny images of your teeth to build into detailed 3D images so that we have a full understanding of your mouth and how we can help you.

If you opt for aligner treatment, we will share the Dental Monitoring app with you and provide you with a Scanbox. This clever piece of technology integrates with your mobile phone so you can send us images of your teeth.

Once you have started your aligner treatment, you can keep us updated on your progress by sending through pictures of your teeth every week. Once again, from the comfort of your home. We will keep track of your treatment and you will also have a record of the way your teeth are gradually moving into new positions. It makes the whole process feel both personal and reassuring. By the same token, you can expect your care to be helpful and courteous at all times.

Our treatment coordinators Agata and Carly will respond promptly to any queries and will check in with the specialists when there are questions about the treatment.

Free virtual consultation

  • Get an ultra-realistic preview of your future smile
  • See how different braces will look on you

  • Just upload your photos – no appointment required

  • No commitment at all

feee virtual orthodontic consultation