Edge bonding and the art of improving the aesthetics of the smile

Once your smile is straight, are there any other niggling issues with your teeth that you would like improved? We might be able to help.

In addition to teeth-straightening, those who want a little bit more from their treatment can have the appearance of individual teeth minimally improved through edge bonding. A resin material known as composite is artfully moulded and bonded to teeth to enhance the aesthetics of your smile.

Edge bonding is ideal for patients preparing for a wedding or a major life event where they want their smiles to look as perfect as can be.

Using composite, Faiza Lewis can:

  • Reshape the edge of teeth to cover up chips or fractures
  • Smooth uneven surfaces
  • Close gaps
  • Elongate shorter teeth

The process involves smoothing the area, colour-matching to ensure the composite she uses is a perfect match, hardening the repair with a UV light and polishing.

If you are planning to have your teeth whitened, this should be done before the edge bonding to achieve a smile that is harmonious in shape and colour. Perfect for that major life event.

Composite edge bonding

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