Skin boosters

Skin boosters are the perfect antidote to lack-lustre skin, delivering long-lasting hydration and a dewy glow.

As we get older, our skin becomes less hydrated, which can leave it looking dull and dry. Skin boosters contain hyaluronic acid, which boosts collagen production and elastin in the deeper layers of your skin.

By injecting skin boosters into the skin, we can restore a smoother, firmer and more radiant appearance.

Beautiful, natural results

Dr Gabriela Stepavoi is our wonderful in-house oral surgeon who specialises in facial rejuvenation. She has worked in oral and maxillofacial surgery for 15 years, so she has an intricate knowledge of facial anatomy, which will guarantee you the very best outcome.

Gabriela will work with you to transform your skin while making sure you still look like you. Less is often more, and Gabriela’s experience will help you to achieve a stunning, natural result.

Are skin boosters right for you?

Skin boosters are a fantastic treatment for anyone looking to reduce fine lines and inject moisture and radiance back into their skin.

We can treat a wide range of areas, including your face, neck, chest and hands to deliver a whole host of glow-getting benefits:

  • Increased hydration
  • Improved skin texture
  • Firmer, plumper skin
  • Enhanced radiance

As well as tackling fine lines, skin boosters can improve other imperfections like sun damage and acne scars. You’ll see the texture of your skin improve with every treatment.

If you’ve tried expensive creams or facials and been left disappointed, skin boosters can provide an intense moisture hit and a more visible difference.

Restylane skin boosters

How do they work?

Hyaluronic acid is a water-loving molecule that binds to one thousand times its weight in water to keep your tissues soft, flexible and hydrated.

Restylane skin boosters infuse a thin layer of hyaluronic acid beneath the skin to deliver long-term deep hydration.

The micro-injections stimulate the production of your skin’s natural moisture levels, increasing cell turnover for a long-lasting effect, while the hyaluronic acid instantly plumps the skin.

We use a very fine needle, so there’s minimal discomfort or bruising. There’s no downtime and most patients return to work straight away.

We’ll schedule three appointments, 2–4 weeks apart to gradually build up your moisture levels for the full effect, but you’ll see a difference after your first treatment.

To maintain your results, we recommend top-ups every six months.

Skin booster prices

Each session costs £200 and we recommend a course of three appointments for the best results. Your treatment will include a review and complimentary top-up if it’s needed.

Contact our friendly team to arrange your first appointment with Dr Gabriela Stepavoi. A no-obligation consultation costs £45, which you can put towards the cost of your treatment if you go ahead within four weeks.

Skin boosters

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