How much does Orthodontic Treatment Cost?

When choosing to self-fund your treatment through Ewell Orthodontics you will receive many benefits including:

  • No waiting list!
  • Free consultations to anyone under 18s (10am-3pm only)

  • All treatment carried out by a specialist orthodontist

  • A greater choice of treatment options, including clear removable braces and invisible lingual (back of the teeth) braces.

  • A greater choice of appointment times, including appointments outside of school hours.
  • Longer, more relaxed appointments

  • The option of having minor irregularities corrected

All treatments include:

  • All braces/wires/moulds/photographs/X-rays required
  • The manufacture and fitting of your appliances
  • One set of removable retainers

  • Top and bottom fixed retainers (if both sets of teeth treated)
  • Two hygiene appointments
  • One home bleaching kit and bleaching trays (over 18 yrs only)
  • Zoom instant whitening Included for all full arch Lingual patients

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Orthodontic treatment costs for children

Metal Fixed Braces by Iconix® (during school hours)from £2,100
Metal Fixed Braces by Iconix® (out of school hours)from £2,400
Clear Ceramic Fixed Braces by Clarity (out of school hours)from £2,700

Orthodontic treatment costs for adults

Metal Fixed Bracesfrom £3,100
Metal Fixed Braces by Iconix®from £3,500
Invisible, Lingual Braces from Incognitofrom £3,500
Removable, Clear Invisalign® Express (i7)from £1,995
Removable, Clear Invisalign® Litefrom £3,120
Removable, Clear Invisalign® Comprehensivefrom £4,800

If you’d like to discuss your options in more detail please feel free to contact us.

How much does an Orthodontic Assessment Cost?

Our Orthodontic Assessments or Initial Specialist Orthodontic Consultations are FREE for patients under 18 from 10am to 3pm. If an out of school hours assessment is preferred, the initial consultation fee is just £95.

For adults our initial Specialist Orthodontic consultation fee is also just £95.

Appointments for both adults and children to discuss treatment options and payment options with our Treatment Coordinator are FREE.

Our Specialist Orthodontist consultations include:

  • All x-rays if required

  • Clinical photographs if required

  • 30 minutes consultation time with a Specialist Orthodontist

  • Meet with our Treatment Coordinator to discuss treatment and payment options

Interest Free Finance

Our interest free payment plans make your choice of treatment more affordable than ever. The majority of our patients choose to pay for their treatment over two years. The cost often equates to less than your favourite cappuccino per day! Get in touch for more information.

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Are you unhappy to wait for NHS treatment?

The availability of orthodontic treatment on the NHS has been greatly reduced. There are now long waiting lists for both initial consultation and even more before treatment actually starts. Perhaps you have been told your child does not qualify for NHS treatment because their irregularities are too mild on the NHS grading scale? Although we do not provide treatment on the NHS, we can provide a free second opinion**.  Take this opportunity to compare our affordable treatment options and convenient out of school hours appointments with the service you would receive at an NHS practice. Our interest free payment plan makes the investment worthwhile and achievable. Call us for more information.

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*Prices apply from 15th June 2020. Ewell orthodontics reserve the right to change these prices at any time. Finance is available subject to status.
**10am – 3pm only. Out of school hours consultations are also available. See above for more details.

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