Quick Fix Orthodontic Treatments

Want to get your smile improved quickly? Perhaps you have a special event coming up? Your wedding? A milestone birthday party? You want to ensure you look your best in the photos you’ll be keeping for a lifetime. We know that some special occasions can sneak up on you and being able to smile with confidence will make the day even more special.

How quickly can we improve your teeth?

It may be possible to get an improved smile in six months, there is no doubt some improvement is possible for most of our patients. We would never make unrealistic promises to any of our patients. We will however achieve a good, workable compromise treatment plan perhaps with clever ideas that will mean your teeth do look great on the day.

Ideas for looking great on the day:

With our amazing Clear Ceramic Fixed Braces from Clarity™ the wires can be removed prior to your event and replaced easily a few days later.

Our Lingual Braces from Incognito are completely invisible. These are fitted behind the teeth, so will not be seen in photographs. We advise that they are fitted in time for you to be completely comfortable with them and with your speech before your big event, but don’t worry, this should not take long at all. Most patients get used to them within a few weeks, if not days.

How about a brace that is removable? Invisalign® treatment is a great choice for anyone who is regularly at public speaking events and does not want anything visible on show or who just wants the ability remove their brace when required. This flexibility is very appealing to many patients and just one of the reasons reason why Invisalign® is such a worthwhile investment.

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