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Your smile is your most precious social asset – it is the first thing that people notice when you meet them for the first time. One of the most common problems that affect ones smile and personality is the alignment of the teeth. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), people having perfectly aligned, and pearly white set of teeth are perceived as being more attractive, approachable, and confident. 

When it comes to getting rid of tooth misaligmnent, there are several options to choose from – from cosmetic solutions to different types of orthodontic treatments. Naturally, everyone wants to utilize an option that offers quick results, without much hassle. Talking about rapid straightening of teeth, the option that comes to the mind are the magic teeth braces – that claim to offer simple, rapid, and non-invasive option for getting perfectly aligned and beautiful teeth.

But do magic teeth braces really work? Are they a safe option for improving your smile? This article explains everything which you need to know about various tooth straightening options and which best suits your dental needs. 

What Type of Magic Teeth Braces are There?

Contrary to what their name suggests, magic teeth braces are not “actual braces”. Instead, they are a form of veneers that are directly worn over the teeth to mask cosmetic effect. Sounds great, right? But think again. Have these magic braces, also called the snap-on-veneers been designed by a dentist or an orthodontist? No! Of course these snap-on-braces may mask stained teeth very well, and although the marketing companies label them as “orthodontic systems”, the snap-on-veneers don’t do anything to fix the underlying problem! They simply offer a temporary cosmetic solution which may actually prove to be detrimental for your teeth and oral heatlh. 

Let’s face it. If it seems too easy, it is probably too good to be true! There simply does not exist any “magic” solution to get your teeth straightened by simply wearing the snap-on-wears. The only long-term, reliable, and safe option to get your teeth straightened – and to enjoy a beautiful smile – is to visit a an orthodontist, who will actually diagnose the underlying problem and manage it accordingly. 

Should I Buy Magic Teeth Braces on Amazon

No doubt, you can buy virtually any thing at amazon, even the so-called “orthodontic systems”. Of course, they are also much more cost-effective than the orthodontic treatment offered by dentists. Seems like the perfect option for you. But, think again – would you trust your oral health with an orthodontic system that is neither designed, nor supervised by a dentist? One which you simply bought online? It has not even been designed according to the size, shape and the angulation of your teeth!

Before designing a treatment plan for orthodontic treatment, orthodontists perform a thorough clinical examination and evaluate the study models and photographs of each patient to diganose the actual issue, and then recommend a solution that offers the best aesthetic outcome in the shortest duration possible.

Can you Eat with Braces In?

There are different types of braces offered by orthodontists. The first are the conventional, fixed metal braces that remain attached to your teeth. Since these braces remain permanently attached to your teeth, you can eat with them. The other type of braces are the removable aligners which you can remove at your will. These aligners need to worn for at least 22 hours each day – removing them only for oral hygiene maintenance and eating.

The type of teeth braces your dentist will recommend for your treatment will depend on various factors such as the severity of tooth misalignment, number of teeth that need to aligned, and patient compliance. You can read more about braces and clear aligners here.

So, yes, you can eat with fixed braces. However, if you are wearing removable aligners, then you need to remove them before you eat or drink anything. Make sure to wash your aligners with lukewarm water before putting them back on! Doing this will go a long way in preventing you from teeth cavities and periodontal problems.

Can you get Teeth Braces without a Trip to the Dentist?

Simple answer; yes, you can. Today, virtually everything is available online, including braces. But, then again, these braces would be a one-size-fits-all option which have not actually been designed specifically for your teeth. When you wear these “stock” braces, neither will they be able to realign or reposition your teeth optimally, but they may also damage your teeth or gums while doing so. 

The magic teeth braces, or other types of veneers may offer a short-term, apparently cheaper aesthetic solution for masking tooth misgalinment, but such systems may actually do more harm than good.

That is why it is recommended that you always visit a qualified orthodontist for getting your teeth straightened – even if it is a mild problem. Orthodontists are trained and experienced in treating all types of dental problems. 

Although orthodontic treatment may take longer than these “magical” fixes, it offers a permanent and healthy solution which not only gives you a beautiful  smile but also improves dental function – allowing you to eat and speak without any difficulty. Most importantly, orthodontic treatment is safe and does not affect your oral health. 

Should I go to any Dentist for Orthodontic Treatment?

Now that your convinced that teeth straightening should always be done under the supervision of a dentist, you might ask “Can I go to any dentist for orthodontic treatment?”. Yes, dentists are trained in treating orthodontic problems. But while these regular dentists can only just “fix” the issue with “good enough” results, specialists orthodontists strive for perfection, offering 100% results in terms of correction of misalignment, dental function and improvement in the facial aesthetics. 

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