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Why you should see a specialist orthodontist

Why you should see a specialist orthodontist If you're considering orthodontic treatment or curious about how it can improve your smile and overall oral health, you've come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discover the difference between dentists and orthodontists and why you should trust your smile to the specialists.Specialised knowledge and trainingOur orthodontists in Ewell, Richard and Faiza, both graduated as dentists in the mid-1990s before completing three years of postgraduate training to become qualified specialist orthodontists. With their extensive knowledge and dedicated training, they understand the intricate details of jaw alignment, bite correction and [...]

Beyond metal and wires: Exploring alternatives to NHS braces

Beyond metal and wires: Exploring alternatives to NHS braces For many years, the NHS has funded orthodontic treatment for those who need it most. Free NHS braces are available to under-18s who need treatment to improve their dental health. However, limited resources and increasing demand have led to lengthy waiting lists that can stretch for months or even years. In this article, we’ll explore the alternatives to NHS braces and discuss the pros and cons of each option, helping you make an informed decision. Who is eligible for NHS braces? If you are under 18, your dentist can [...]

Can You be a Musician and Have a Fantastic Smile?

As a horn-playing orthodontist, it saddens me to hear of fellow musicians who are desperate for braces to straighten their teeth, but who are having severe doubts because of the effect the appliances may have on their music playing. In fact, music students are often discouraged from seeking orthodontic treatment by their music teachers. The great news is that these fears are generally unfounded! With my 45-years experience of playing the French horn, and 20-years as a specialist orthodontist, I am able to share advice that will enable musicians to get the fabulous smile they always wanted, while [...]

Can Orthodontic Retainers Cause Tooth Pain?

If you have recently finished wearing clear aligners or braces, your dentist will prescribe removable or fixed retainers. The purpose of these retainers is to keep your teeth steadfast in their new positions and prevent them from moving unnecessarily. Unfortunately, many people do not wear their retainers as per the dentist’s instructions, which can result in treatment relapse. Furthermore, many retainer wearers complain of toothache with retainer use. This can occur due to various reasons. This blog will discuss different factors that can cause dental pain while wearing retainers and how to overcome them. Furthermore, we will also [...]

Is going to the orthodontist risky?

When contemplating a healthcare treatment, what are the factors that you weigh up before you decide to go ahead? Is risk one of them? We ask because we have invested in new digital resources. We believe that the apps on our website will help anyone wanting treatment at Ewell Orthodontics to trust there is minimal risk associated with becoming a patient here. We are committed to spending time answering all your questions and explaining all aspects of teeth-straightening and the apps help give access to us. Every healthcare provider should communicate the risks of treatment to their patients. [...]

How To Get Straight Teeth – Your Complete Guide

Perfectly aligned and straight teeth are essential for several reasons. Not only do straight teeth make you look more attractive and friendly, but they also allow you to eat and speak without difficulty. Besides, crooked or misaligned teeth often cause a bad bite, leading to various problems such as teeth grinding, tooth decay, and temporomandibular joint disorders. That is why it is crucial to get misaligned teeth straightened as soon as possible.If you wish to get your misaligned teeth straightened, then you several options to choose from. You can either choose the traditional fixed braces or could opt for the removal of [...]

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