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Finding the perfect smile: Your guide to braces near me

Maybe you’ve already decided you want to straighten your smile with braces, or perhaps you want more information about the treatment options available to you. This blog post is your definitive guide to choosing an orthodontist in your area who can deliver your perfect smile.

Discover your treatment options

With so many ways to straighten teeth, you might feel overwhelmed by your choices. Should you opt for traditional fixed braces, removable clear aligners or even lingual braces that fit behind the teeth? Let’s explore the differences between these popular treatment options.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces, affectionately known as train-tracks, are what most people picture when they think of braces. These braces are attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment and need adjusting periodically.

They are a tried and tested solution for misaligned teeth and deliver excellent results. They have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, especially among younger patients, thanks to a wide choice of coloured elastic bands. If you prefer something more subtle, you can also choose from clear and champagne-coloured brackets, which are harder to spot.

Clear aligners

An even more inconspicuous option is clear aligners. Brands like Invisalign and Angel Aligners are custom-made from a durable plastic and almost invisible.

You’ll be given a series of aligners that are designed to gently straighten your teeth little by little. You need to wear your aligners for at least 20 hours every day and you can take them out for eating and drinking. Thanks to their comfort and discreetness, aligners are popular with patients of all ages.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are the ultimate invisible treatment option. They work just like fixed braces, except the custom-made gold brackets are discreetly hidden behind your teeth. They may take a little getting used to, but within a few weeks, you’ll forget they’re there – and no one else will know! Like traditional fixed braces, they can treat most misalignments and provide incredible precision.

Choosing the right brace for you

We advise keeping an open mind and discussing all your options with a specialist orthodontist. Experienced orthodontists (like us!) have completed thousands of treatments using different braces, and we can advise you on what might be best for your case and lifestyle. Most patients are suitable for all the options, so ultimately, the final decision will be yours.

While you can’t try before you buy, a free virtual consultation can show you how the different options could look on your teeth.

Don’t skip the orthodontist

While it might be tempting to use an online provider for your orthodontic treatment, this does come with risks. You’ll be limited to clear aligners and won’t benefit from essential face-to-face appointments with an orthodontist. These include a consultation to make sure you’re suitable for braces (we need to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy first) and regular check-ups to adjust your teeth and braces.

We recommend finding an orthodontist near you, who will be there to support you at every step. In addition to regular appointments, we use the latest technology to make your journey as convenient as possible. DentalMonitoring, for example, allows us to keep in touch between appointments and spot potential issues before they become a problem.

Dentists vs orthodontists

Our orthodontists, Richard Williams and Faiza Lewis, first qualified as dentists before completing a further three years of postgraduate study to become specialist orthodontists. We’re passionate about keeping up to date with the latest orthodontic developments and regularly trial new techniques to give our patients the best possible experience.

Dentists usually offer a wider range of general dental treatments. Many undergo limited training in orthodontics and tend to focus on one particular brand or product, such as clear aligners. They’re unlikely to have the same level of expertise as an orthodontist, and many refer more complex cases to their specialist colleagues.

How to choose an orthodontist

Choosing the right orthodontist can impact your experience and your final result. It’s important to do your research and reading reviews for orthodontists near you is a great place to start. An established orthodontist should have reviews that give you an insight into their customers’ experiences, ideally through a third-party site such as Google or Trustpilot. At Ewell Orthodontics, we are proud to have more than 200 5-star Google reviews.

Once you’ve created a shortlist, visit your chosen orthodontists for a consultation so you can see the practice and meet the team. Orthodontic treatment can take several years, including retention, so it’s essential you feel comfortable with your provider.

A good orthodontist will be transparent about their prices and everything that’s included. If it feels too good to be true, check the details carefully. Braces should always include retainers and aftercare at the end of treatment. At Ewell Orthodontics, we also provide free home whitening if you’re 18 or over.

Braces are a big commitment, so make sure you ask all your questions and are happy with the answers. If you have any questions for our specialists, we’d love to meet you for a no-obligation free consultation.

Contact our friendly team to schedule your appointment.

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